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All of the highs and lows and everyday moments in the relationship between Shrek and Fiona are marked by displays of affection, be it holding hands, hugs or kisses. That helps the two keep the spark alive.

How do you and your partner express affection to each other?

Happily ever after!

Sharing the load:

A happily ever after story inevitably involves the coming together of the lives, worldviews and also, the significant people in the lives of the two partners. All of Shrek’s friends become dear friends of Fiona too. And Shrek is a welcome addition to Fiona’s family. From here on, they go ahead to create a shared meaning and purpose of life with each other and find the love and support of people they are both fond of.

What is your version of a “happily ever after” for yourself and your partner?

While Shrek is the pragmatic recluse before he meets Fiona, she is a princess who has survived a long and difficult curse. Being an ogre, Shrek has lived a fairly ostracized life, which is the farthest from perfect. Fiona, on her part, is equally lonely, given her life history. However, together, they form the most beautiful and perfect bond, arising from shared vulnerability, shared imperfections and a lot of fun and humor.

How do your and your partner's  imperfections impact the bond that you two share?

Shrek and Fiona overcome a great deal of adversity in their relationship before they finally get to be together. First, he rescues her and in the end, she fights tooth and nail to rescue him. This is what makes their relationship real and strong. Having a shared sense of adversity also helps them in being vulnerable around each other and  find out about each other in a genuine manner.

Have you shared an adversity together? Tell us the story.

Shrek and Princess Fiona lived happily ever after, you can too!

This is a couple that strongly believes in sharing the load. Be it raising children together, battling the odds of everyday life or throwing a party for their loved ones, with the two of them, all the work is divided and conquered.

Have you talked about the sharing of all the household responsibilities with your partner yet?


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Acceptance and handling conflicts:

Shrek and Fiona are a happily ever after story, with a twist! They navigate a lot of ups and downs through their adventures, they aren’t always perfect or happy. However, they always find a way to support and love each other...And that’s what makes their story real! 

Here are a few things that make the relationship between Shrek and Fiona click!

Shared adversity:

Two imperfect individuals who form the perfect bond!

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Hugs and kisses!

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Happier Me. Stronger Me. Healthier Me.

In the initial part of a relationship, the bond between the two of you grows, there are also avenues for conflicts to arise. Just like with the two of them, when they argue but never lose sight of the love that they share, even in the middle of an argument. Apologies are quick to come by and conflicts are handled well.

Do the quarrels between you two help you know your partner better? If so, what is it that you have learnt about them through the quarrels?


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